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How to Submit a Manuscript

You can submit your book to us in manuscript form, electronically or on a disk.

If our typesetting services are required, the first step for an author is that that the manuscript must be typed on one side of 8 1/2" x 11" white bond paper, and double spaced for editor's notes. Each sheet should be numbered to avoid confusion. The manuscript will be edited, typeset, proofed and sent back to the author for his/her review.

Composing Your Own Book

When an author chooses to compose his/her own book, they become their own editor, typesetter and proofreader. Whatever they submit to us on disk or electronically will not be edited or proofed with the exception of a glaring error that may be noticed or the checking of page numbers to make sure all material has been sent to us. Editing services are available at an additional cost.

A common, legible type is suggested for easy reading when choosing a font. Times Roman, New Century Schoolbook or Helvetica are a few of the easy-to-read typefaces recommended for book printers. Size is another significant choice to make: 10 point is an average type size for reading; audiences often find 12 point easier to read.

Use automatic spacing between lines: 10-point type on 12 point leading is preferable as is 12 point type on 14 point leading. Too large a space between lines is distracting and a waste of valuable space. Page numbers should be used to avoid confusion and are mandatory if you have a table of contents. All front matter material should be numbered in lowercase Roman numberals, with the text starting on page one.

Odd numbered pages are always on a right-hand page; even numbered pages on a left-hand page. This may require the use of some blank pages. All blank and unnumbered pages should be accounted for when counting pages. Chapter head pages are usually unnumbered.

All type and images should be on one side of an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of white bond paper. For a 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" book, images should fit in a 4" x 7" printed area.

If you have photographs which are not already scanned-in and need to be processed by us, leave a space for the photo and type the cutline beneath the space.

Financial Arrangements

Once an author is ready to submit either a manuscript, disk, etc., a contract between the author and McClain Printing Company will be drawn and production will begin as soon as the contract is returned signed and the first payment of one third of the total cost is paid to MPC. Another third will be invoiced prior to the book going to press and the final payment is to be made upon pick-up or delivery of the books.

Storage of Books

MPC offers storage services for books at $20.00 per month per 1,000 books and under or $200.00 per year per 1,000 books and under. For storage at home, books should remain in the boxes in which they were originally crated and we suggest a dry, level, dark area. Too much moisture or heat can damage books.

Cost of Printing a Book

Probably the most commonly asked question about self-publishing is: "How much would it cost to get a book like mine printed?" This is an impossible question to answer without specifics because there are so many factors which play into a quotation for book printing: number of pages, size of book, binding, colors of ink on cover, colors of ink in text, disk conversions, photos, typesetting, quantity, shipping, etc. A form is available to aid MPC in determining a free, no obligation quotation for our self-publishing services. Call us at 1-800-654-7179 for more information regarding book publishing or for an appointment to review your material. We are always happy to answer any questions potential clients may have and look forward to discussing your next project.

No charge for National Marketing to Major Book Dealers and Libraries throughout the United States.
No charge for International Standard Book Numbers, Library of Congress Catalog Card Numbers.
No charge for Copyright Forms.
Authors make all profits from sales rather than percentages, such as royalties